2006 RIMPAC Swim Meet Photo Album

Pearl Harbor - 50 Yard Long Course

Photos by Patrick and Olivia McManus

Olivia - starts the 200 Medley Relay
Olivia swims stroke for stroke with the race leader from Korea
John reaches out and touches at the end of the Breast Stroke and Joleen dives to start her Fly
Bob fights to hold on to 2nd place in the Medley Relay
Bob touches out Lane 6 to take 2nd in the Medely Relay
John starts the Free relay with Olivia watching
Bob takes over from John with Joleen watching
Olivia takes over from Bob and tries to keep ahead of the competition
Joleen dives after Olivia touches with John watching!
John - ready to hit the water in the Belly Flop contest
John (movie) performs the flop that gets him winning points. Links below:
.mov file 5 Mgs
.mpg file 3 Mgs
Joleen (movie) performs the flop that gets her a lock on 2nd place Female points. Links below:
.mov file 3 Mgs
.mpg file 2 Mgs
Joleen wins the trophy for the best overall Female swimmer
John receives the trophy for the Male Belly Flop Winner
Joleen displays her trophy for 2nd in the Female Belly Flop contest with her other trophy